BROADTEQ does not make gauging systems.

We make gauging systems better!

 Improving accurracy and creating a truely “EASY” setup

With over 30 Years of experience in the gauging industry, it is not hard to see where improvements need to be made. Air gauging has been around for countless years. Through those years very little has changed or improved with how air gauging functions. All other forms of gauging have reached new mile stones leaving air gauging as the same “old school” solution. Well finally there is a new mile stone in air gauging that brings air gauging back to the forefront with unheard of accuracy and flexibility. With the BROADTEQ AEC the world can now go 100% digital and gain advantages never before available.


Why our AEC is different:

  • Direct connect to the Solartron Orbit® network. No AIM module needed
  • Mix with Solartron digital probes on the same network
  • Single needle valve adjustment works on most gauge types (set it and forget it)
  • Push button recognition of the unique id within popular gauging software
  • Reduced cabling. Multiple units are connected together with only one data cable to the display
  • Operate up to 16 AEC units on a Gage Chek or Solartron SI-7500 display
  • Operate up to 200 AEC units connected to a PC
  • Operates on 4.5 VDC to 40 VDC.
  • Made from solid aluminum and sealed to an IP65 rating
  • Din rail mountable (top or bottom)
  • Front or rear gauge line connection
  • Small size of just 1”w x 3.5”h x 4”l
  • Operates on 30 or 60 PSI
  • All lettering is permanently laser etched not silk screened (coolant proof)
  • Setup measurement software included free
  • Made in the USA 41GNBLz1l2L

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